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Burst Viewer - A General Purpose Return Testing Tool

Cable Return Test System Based on Burst-Mode Data Capture

Utilizing a PC, a Low-Cost Digital Oscilloscope, and a Counter to Capture and Analyze Return Noise and Traffic.

  • Tests Noise Floor Over Time - to identify a bad node
  • Packet Wattmeter - for measuring the signal levels of modem traffic
  • Reports Spectral Characteristics of Burst Noise - to help identify the nature of interference
  • Optional Counter Shows How Much Interference
  • Oscilloscope Shows Nature of Interference
  • Supports Capturing Traces in a Timed, Triggered, Manual, or Mixed Mode - for attended or unattended testing

Screen Image from Burst Viewer:

Voltage vs. Time

2500 Points Captured

2048 Points Transformed into the Frequency Domain via the Fast Fourier Transform

Adjustable Resolution Bandwidth

Linear Voltage vs. Linear Frequency

Screen Image from Burst Viewer

Filtered Inverse Transform

Optional Trace Storage

Multiple Band Power Markers

Log Voltage vs. Linear Frequency

Trace Displayed is a Stepped-Chirp Reference Signal.

System Requirements:

Windows 32 bit version:
Pentium 100MHz or faster, 32 MB ram, Windows XP, 2000 or Windows NT 4.0, Nat. Inst. GPIB card and 2m. cable, Tektronix TDS-1002 digital oscilloscope with communications module.

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